To everyone who has had a love story gone wrong, you will be fine. And remember you are enough to be loved and I hope you don’t settle for anything less.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. I love you and God loves you the most!!!!

Remember when I said
You were my fire
And I, your ice
Remember when I told you
That your laughter was that of an unbridled English man.
How we played around Amazon
And eBay
But always a rejection of everything you promised to give me face to face.
Remember how you scarred me
When you shouted at me under the stars
When all I yearned for was
For you to be my light
That night
For the sake of my blurry sight.
That scream closed something off me;
A vow not to touch cold’s ice
With my burning sulphur no more.

I should be disgusted by your pity’s game
To lure me into unchartered territories.
But every time I think about it,
I just hum.
And no! I won’t cancel out the problem
With the good times, we had
Forgive me but I’m human like that!
So cheers to me for holding on to my standards
Cheers to myself for feeling like I was always the problem
Cheers to all the memories that soon became fleeting
I’m tempted to ask you
Was I not good enough?
Or I was too good for you?
I saw through the lies, the manipulation
But hope kept me steady.
Yet love couldn’t be fooled for much.
So scales off my eyes,
Just so you know
I demand no justice
In this league’s game.
They say,
All’s fair and foul
In love and war.
So for whichever cause
I hope not to give in to my dark side.

So goodbye my lover
I hope you find what you’re looking for
And ooh wait!
I answered my question
It wasn’t about me being enough,
Maybe you were not really the captain of my heart.
For an earth’s gambler and a sea’s pirate
Maybe the horizons could not comprehend that much.

Just so you know
Before I drop my quill,
And ink’s down
Maybe this ice and fire
Could never a pair match.



Two Years Ago

People waited to see the clock struck twelve. Cinderella dreaded it but when it marked the onset of a New Year, of birthdays, it was a lovely wait. To some others, the midnight struck of Valentine’s Day was a journey of love reborn or even found.

Somewhere in a renowned college, Eliza couldn’t wait to wish her closest friend a Happy Valentine. For a long while, she had come to realise that she saw Hanson more than a close friend. Each moment they spent together felt priceless to her. Whenever he would smile or giggle, Liza could not imagine being anywhere better.

Liza, what’s funny. You have been smiling for far too long “, Hanson had asked her one evening when they spent time under the summer hut.
Nothing, Hanson”.

If someone had told her, she would be sitting down at her study table writing a Vals message for Hanson, she would have laughed it off.
Happy Valentine’s day, Hanson. Since you came into my life, there’s been so much peace and fewer tears. With your heart so kind and a smile so bright, you’ve captured my heart.”

After placing the card in the gift bag, she had drifted off to sleep.
Finally, it was the morning of Valentine’s day. Lectures would go on as normal. But definitely, some lectures would be missed. The day had always been seen as an informal holiday.
Hanson had met with Eliza as usual and taken the bus to lectures.

Any plans for the day, Hans?”, Eliza had questioned. “Nope. Just watch some movies and fall asleep.” Eliza raised her brows at him.”Dude. That’s all you are going to do. Nothing slightly special like just a small bite of the cake kind of special. Not even a tiny bit.” Hanson chuckled and shook his head. “Well, I was planning to invite you over to watch the movies with me. You have been bugging me for a while now, however…….. since you think it’s not slightly special and by your own words “not a small bite of the cake kind of special”, I think I’d enjoy it all by myself.”

That had earned him a punch in the gut as she exclaimed, “ Are you kidding me, I’m in”, drawing the attention of a few gathered at the bus terminal.

Hanson had just smiled and said, ” When are you never.”
Lectures had been a bit slow and dull. More students had their minds outside the lecture halls than in the lecture halls.
Thoughts of what to wear, where they would be spending the evening, that expensive restaurant or lounge or even what fresh stuff they would discover at the love talks. Lecturers had done them a favour by closing early. “Have fun but stay safe”, had been the closing remarks of more than half the lecturers.

The evening looked lovely. The weather was cool. Couples looked ready to start their evening. Uber drivers were just driving in and out; after all, it was one of the festive moments where their income boosted up. The campus was half empty and the other half was either spending time with friends or just alone.

Eliza had set off to Hanson’s place half-past eight. It was just a walking mile to his hall. Luckily for both of them, he had his place all to himself, hence no one would complain they were disturbing or anything of that sort.
After knocking on his door, he opened her and she had walked in carrying popcorns in one bag and another cute bag in the other hand. Soon they sat on the floor of his room, eating their popcorn as they watched their movie. After the first movie had ended, Hanson stood up and went to his bedroom. He’d come up holding a parcel bag.” I got this for you”, he said to her as he stood with one hand in his pocket and the other holding up the gift. Elated as she was, Eliza stood up and rushed to the table to bring the parcel bag, she had brought along with her. “I got this for you too”.
Having already exchanged the gifts, they each opened the bag. Hanson had gotten her different varieties of chocolates along with a three-set novel by James Patterson that had been released into the market today.

Opening his, he’d found a shirt by His favourite basketball player autographed by James LeBron himself along with a heart-shaped chocolate packet and a pair of red basketball sneakers.
Wow, you got me all this”, he had said more to himself than her. When Hanson lifted his head, Eliza had kissed him. She aimed for the cheek but the sudden movement by him had caused the kiss to land on the lips. With a surprise gape, they had both moved back.

I’m sorry but that wasn’t what I meant you know, I was aiming for the cheek and…………… “

“Don’t worry it’s okay. You don’t have to explain. Twas a mistake. I get it.”

Hanson realised a piece of card had fallen out when he brought out the sneakers. He picked it up and read the words: “Happy Valentine’s day, Hanson. Since you came into my life, there’s been so much peace and fewer tears. With your heart so kind and a smile so bright, you’ve captured my heart.”

After reading the words in the card, he looked up at Eliza.
Captured your heart?”, he said, a bit puzzled. Eliza stood there trying to find the right words to explain what she meant by those words. Hanson was getting irritated as the minutes passed. He’d told her why he refused to acknowledge the day as Valentine’s day. Two years ago, he had lost his dad and sister to a plane crash that had occurred on February 14th. The weather had started very suitable for the plane to take flight yet it had only gotten worse. The plane had crashed due to poor weather and everyone on board had died. From then, he’d preferred to see the day as a Chocolate day rather than a day of love. He had not still recovered from the loss. They were eager to come home for the supposed Valentine’s celebrations. They had never made it home that night.

After telling you why I hate to see this day as a day of love, you still went ahead and wrote this not considering how I felt or would feel. Liza, I lost my dad and sister two years ago on this day. I can’t see this day as a day of love. Couldn’t your profession of love had waited. Why should it bloody be today.”

The situation was escalating and Eliza knew it had been entirely her fault. Without much thought, Liza realised she had to apologise and leave soon.

I’m sorry, Hans. I forgot about how this day brings you pain. Perhaps I should leave now.”

With no words from him, she took it as her cue to leave. Gathering her stuff, she left for the door. Just when she was about to close the door, she called out to him.

Hey, I know you are mad at me right now but all the same, Happy Chocolate’s Day, Hanson.” With that, she closed the door and left. Finally, she had come to understand the saying, “Better safe than sorry.”

And she promised herself it was going to be a lesson kept for a lifetime.

Hello y’all, trust we are all doing pretty well. Hope you enjoy this little story of mine. Don’t forget to still keep safe and mask up.



Red! Yellow! Taupe! Mocha! And the list goes on and on and on….
New shades are being discovered everyday. Be it a play on light by our eyes or imagination thinking it up. I think colours are beautiful!

Colours tell stories. They share emotions. And they can bring things to life or keep them in secrecy.

Science have proven that bright colours can improve happiness as it releases the hyper hormone aka dopamine.     Let’s wait for the soon to come,  February 14th when the whole street has a bit of red and loooovvvveeee😍😍.

    The usual colours we see around during Christmas – red and green lightings everywhere gets everyone a little excited. Santa’s clothes of white and red also does have a bit of happiness magic…I think.

    Cool colours like blue does have an edge of calmness to it.
    Dear men, I think I’m beginning to understand why you lot fancy blue shirts.(winks)

    Now about dark colours! Lol unless it’s dark chocolate and it’s going to bring me some excitement, most dark colours do incite low levels of emotions.

    Where I come from and most places around the world, when a loved one dies, the clothes and garments worn are usually black. Why? Because it’s a time of sadness and sorrow. A time of loss.

    Some people love to adorn themselves in black attires perhaps to appear with an edge of mystery or simply because they are drawn to the colour black.

    Lol enough of generic colours. How about I tell about the shades that colour my world. The colours of the gems in my Corona.

    Do enjoy the ride!!


    You are the colour of magic. The colour of pain. The colour of that feeling that could get you flying high.
    You, the complicated embodiment of pain and pleasure, the crimson flow that wipes away my darkness and presents me with light.
    That scarlet taint, flowing off a tree, the bleed of the lamb that was slain.
    The colour of everything crushing down and control lost.
    Love’s favourite, danger’s playtool.

    So now, I’m going to step out of you and into something cool.


    I see you when I feel peace. When I’m solemn, I realize how much you feel my memories.
    Then I think about the dudes I hang around, always showing up in the shade of you.
    And I begin to understand, maybe it goes beyond just wearing the colour.
    Maybe it speaks more about their bonding loyalty.
    And the truth is, when I’m sincere with myself, I feel you the more.  Even when I’m resting in the meadows, yellow with growth, coloured by the golden sun.


    I knew from day one; you were my sunshine and my joy. Each time I feel rich with you and when I experience the halos on their heads, I know what they are; angels in disguise.
    But when you are in my head and world too much, I lose my focus and my judgement gets clouded.
    They say, “green is envy” but when I feel jealous, a little bit unstable, I see you too much.
    And maybe what they say is true; “Not all that glitters is golden.”


    When I see you with her, I grow a little green. When I’m surrounded by nature that much, I understand why forest green is one of my favourites.
    You know how green I feel when you take my hand and walk with me across the road in broad daylight.
    I see how I’m learning to take a step at a time.
    I’m growing, I’m glowing.
    My healing elixir at the whisper of ocean blue.


    You know. I know. Either the story is black and white…or not. Pretty much grey lines, sometimes do appear, I guess.
    You are my white canvas, my tabula rasa. My shining light. Sometimes my blank stare.
    You are a representation of purity.
    Sometimes too white for an elephant.
    My glittering stars for my peaceful nights.
    My flag of victory; my surrender.
    In the darkness, my shining astra.
    My yin, only half complete.


    Dear yang, I think you are beautiful. You are a revealer of the other side of truth. The place we sometimes find ourselves when we are broken and lost. Sometimes so much blinding it becomes addictive.  But I think you are not that “bad.”
    Without you, I wouldn’t know good from not- so – good. At least you are more clearer than the grey lines. How well you complement white to create a view so picturesque!
    The moot on the faces of those, vowed to work with coal. Without you inking your way into our lives, I think some things would be but plain.
    For so long, I’ve come to realize that you, my ebony, my coal shaded eclipse, are not the villain.    A victim in the hands of those with thoughts of chaos and destruction. And I’ve come to understand that the story is not always black and white.
    And I will always remember how you are always there before my dawn rising!


    More than a friend, less of a lover. Situationship, it is!  The perfect example of grey lines.
    But honestly, let’s be frank. Aren’t we all usually more grey than black or white. But it’s funny how the universe loves to point out the extremely grey ones. Then the crowd joins in; with the labels and tags.
    How unlikely! Many of us have no skills in fencing but pretty much love to sit on the hedge.  Sometimes our safe haven, when lies blur. Our simple equation when “all things being equal” gets a little complicated and more.
    In the end, our thoughts blurred, our realities skewed.


    I’m going to be a little partial here and do my second favourite.
    Brown skinned, my mocha curls, caramel bulbs. When I breathe in, I smell your breathtaking musk. Sometimes intoxicating.
    And I know I love chocolates for a reason.
    My home. My stability. And that bear-hug of my Teddy with so much warmth and security.
    You may be neutral but you are my natural.
    My winter and my fall.

    Mi Corona – My Crown

    Wow thanks for taking this ride with me 😊☺️!!!

    Let’s hear about your favourite colour (s) and the stories behind it.

    A wonderful week to you all!



    It’s been said several times that “man is a social being.” I do not by any means dispute that fact but I also believe that man’s search for connection, relationships and interactions with others stems from a spiritual background.

    How about we do a heavy flashback to the first man and woman? Yep, the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve. So in the story, we see a constant fellowship, interaction, relationship and even a sense of intimacy between God and man.

    Man had a great secured attachment style with the Most High through years of Garden Visits.

    In essence, attachment is an emotional bond shared between people.

    Types of Attachment Style

    In man’s relationship with God, all the keys required for a great emotional bond was secured till…..

    Let’s take a tour through the keys for a healthy attachment style. Shall we?

    1. Proximity Maintenance – The tendency and yearning to be around those we share a bond with. Though usually physical, it can develop to a level of mental and spiritual closeness.

    Adam and Eve had that with God. He was never far away to hear them. He had provided everything they would ever need.

    2. Secure Base – Being able to explore, move away and unafraid because the attachment figure was always around.

    And that was exactly the situation with Adam and Eve. God had blessed them to multiply and take dominion. They could try everything and eat everything.

    However, they were not allowed to eat from one special tree. And God did have a good reason for that. He didn’t want their security in Him be ruined and destroyed.

    3. Safe Haven – The knowledge that we can always return to our caregiver…for a hug, kiss or even a compliment.

    Adam and Eve had that with God. God was presently always there for them. He awarded Adam’s loneliness with a companion which Adam deemed as bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh.

    To say God was a safe haven was even an understatement.

    4. Separation Distress – emotional upset we express when we are separated from a caregiver or a loved one.

    Remember when God came to the garden and asked where Adam was. God could sense man’s attachment with Him had been tampered with.

    When God asked where Adam was, He knew;
    i. The proximity maintenance between Him and man had been tampered with.

    ii. Adam and Eve no longer found Him as a secure base.

    iii. With what they had done, they felt God could not be their safe haven anymore.

    Image – Adam and Eve hiding from God

    God had asked Adam where he was despite being all-knowing. Why?

    From the little I know about intimacy, I think as individuals, we turn to run or hide away when we compromise our level of intimacy with God and even with people. And that’s exactly what Adam and Eve did; hiding away because they felt “naked.” They were hiding away because they compromised and had been compromised.

    And as much as they wanted to meet God for that fateful evening garden date, they couldn’t. You might be wondering why just like I did before now.

    The answer is; Darkness can never stand Light. We are most likely to run or hide away than allow our wrongs and sins to be exposed.

    When an attachment is tampered or broken, effective communication may be lost especially honesty and trust.
    When God asked Adam if he had eaten of the fruit, he didn’t trust himself to trust God enough to say “Yes, I did.” And maybe he couldn’t be blamed. The fruit of knowledge of good and evil had opened his eyes and mind to a lot of things, he didn’t know; fear, excuses, secrets, blame games and even logical rationalisations, etc.

    So God asks him if he ate from the tree and he blames the woman. Let’s remember their attachment with God had been tampered with. Adam was in a state of separation distress so to feel much better, he shifts the blame to the next person in the picture – Eve.

    Adam was trying to save face with God and the best way he thought he could do that was rationalising the situation and shifting the blame.
    All thanks to the acquisition of knowledge of both good and evil!

    God asks the woman the same question and she also follows the footsteps of her husband; “Technically, with all due respect, it’s not my fault, God. It was the serpent. He deceived me and I ate.”

    Geez, Adam and Eve had become smart. They could have said, “I’m sorry, God, please forgive us.” But no they hadn’t. Why?

    Somehow, they had become proud!
    Logically looking at it, it wasn’t to a great extent their fault, they had consumed the fruit. It was the serpent. It was the devil.
    Sounds so familiar how we never own up to our wrongs but attribute it to the big bad wolf, the Devil?

    After consuming the fruit, Adam and Eve had moved from a secure attachment with God and themselves to one of insecurities, distrust and blame games.

    They had developed a more avoidant attachment style(minimal distress upon separation, does not seek contact when the caregiver returns).

    They had also developed an anxious attachment style(very unsettled after separation. Will do anything to keep caregiver or loved one even if it means hurting another.)

    Now let’s take a look at Eve’s response when God questioned her about taking the fruit. I’m going to break it up into three and analyse it.

    An image of Eve in a tête-a-tête with the serpent

    A) It was the serpent – The serpent represents our longings. Those whispers of “It ain’t that bad.” “No one’s looking.” “I promise we would be fast about it.” It represents those things that we know are wrong and are always being tempted to indulge a little. Because why; “A little fun never killed anyone. “You need to loosen up.”

    Do you realise how many different ways the word compromise might sound? How many times do we end up listening to the whispers of the serpent in our lives? Oh, how many times we have reasoned with it!

    B) He deceived me – Yep, the serpent deceived Eve. That’s what happens when we do a tête-a-tête with our fleshy longings and indulgences… especially when we are in a place of little or no knowledge about the situation or circumstance.

    Or even when we are at our weakest and most vulnerable state, with rationalisations as our strongest weaponry instead of the Spirit. When we stay and convince ourselves, we are strong enough to handle our longings instead of fleeing.

    Now the serpent comes asking Eve if God said she could not eat from any tree of the garden. Cunning Serpent knew the answer but he twisted the question to more or less, confuse the woman.

    And that’s how sometimes our fleshy longings tempt us. They hardly come in a linear line or equation. Always in a form of Calculus expression, a little spark and who doesn’t like a challenge?

    The moment we try to solve them instead of walking away or finding something else to do is when our resolve begins to break.

    Eve goes ahead to answer that God said they could eat from every tree except the fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden. For the day they eat or touch it, they would die.

    Eve’s response was wrong in a couple of ways;
    1. There were two trees in the middle of the garden; the tree of life and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. And God had only said, they were not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

    Lol Eve had to a woman and add effects to her response. God never said they couldn’t touch the tree, but girl had to make it more dramatic.

    The serpent knew about the specific tree they were not to eat off but Eve’s history and recollection of the trees in the garden had grown a little dusty.

    I think this should have been her cue to move away from the serpent or even rebuke it. And she did have the dominion to do so. For God had given them the dominion over everything He had created including the serpent.

    Eve didn’t know or had forgotten about the potential and power she had. And that’s what one of the things that allowed the serpent to deceive her.

    Usually, we get deceived when we don’t have precise information and also we do not know about our potential.

    C) And I ate – Every time we try to do a tête-a-tête with our fleshy desires and indulgences, we most often end up eating what we had been told not to eat or planned not to eat. When we rely on our strength to save us, it fails. Remember the last time you were in a compromising situation and you told yourself, “I can handle it.” but you rather got handled.
    Remember the day, that “blue movie” site tempted you, and you said “just a peep and I’d be out.” but you ended up watching more than one.

    When it comes to fleshy desires, you don’t get academic with it, you don’t try to rationalise it. All you have to do is MOOVE! FLEE!!

    Whatever you do, don’t try reasoning with it from a logical point of view. Be spiritual about it and flee before you eat something you might regret later.

    And every time we eat or indulge our lust, our fleshy desires, we compromise our intimacy with God, with our loved ones. We just want to hide because we feel naked and they might “see through us.”
    So we avoid them. We see our Bibles and don’t wanna go close. We wanna pray and scenes from the eatery are playing right in front of us.

    We may have compromised a lot this year; our values, our choices and even on God. Yet it’s not too late to start anew, to heal and to repair our intimacy with God and others.
    Most of us have come from places where we think to be loved or accepted, we need to compromise who we are, our values and all just to fit in. But that’s not true.

    I remember correctly one thing Jackie Hill Perry said in one of her conferences that got stuck with me.

    She said;

    If ever we would be able to fix our relationship with others, we need to first fix the one with God.

    Our vertical relationship and intimacy(God with man) so much affect our horizontal relationship and intimacy with others(man with other men).

    I don’t have all the answers but I do know a few keys that can help build your intimacy and attachment to God and others;


    It might have been the Devil. It might have been your friends: they took you to the club that day. “My boyfriend wanted me to show him how much I loved him so I gave in.”

    And the list goes on and on. As genuine and logically rational these and many others may sound, that’s not the way to fixing things.

    But if we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and cleanse us of all unrighteousness(1John1:9).

    The key is to genuinely confess our wrongs to God. Take responsibility for your sins and confess it to the One who can cleanse you from them. No, it’s not about blame gaming others who we think may have played a role in it.

    It isn’t about the telling God the woman, career or man he gave you caused you to slide that road of destruction. It isn’t about telling God you were deceived by a desire or serpent.

    It’s about a genuine confession and a desire to change.

    As the Psalmist puts it in Psalm 19:12; Who perceives his unintentional sins?
    Cleanse me from my hidden faults.

    Sometimes our sins may not be premeditated or even catch us unaware but we have to still confess it.

    Total redemption doesn’t come from confessing our sins alone. It emanates from the tree of life, Christ Himself.

    To be redeemed, you need to confess with your mouth that Christ is Lord(over everything in your life) and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead (Romans 10:9).

    And it doesn’t have to end there. Consciously and painfully work on your relationship with God.

    Allow the Holy Spirit dominion over everything in your life.

    Feed yourself with the Word. Pray. Fast… And Learn to love God, not from a place of needs but genuinely learn to love Him whether you get the things you ask for or not. Let your heart beat for His purpose.


    First off, God bless my spiritual father for the revelation upon this phrase. And just as He taught me, I would love to share the revelation with you.

    To stand still – To be firm, confident, attentive, focused, disciplined, trust in God.

    Whenever “stand still” was used by the prophets of old or God Himself, the phrase was directed to three categories of people;

    a. Those who are lying down – We have compromised so much that we have fallen. We have gotten so used to our wrongs that we don’t care what anyone or God thinks. We feel there is no hope so we keep dwelling in sins. We are like the prodigal son but we have vowed never to come home. God is calling us to stand still. It’s time to leave our comfort zone of sin and lawlessness.

    Because despite what we think, God does not lie and He doesn’t change his mind. He meant it when He said in Psalm 51:17 this;

    The sacrifice pleasing to Him is a broken spirit. He will not despise a broken and a humbled heart.

    So no matter how fallen you are, He still wants you. It’s time to stand still. Wherever you might be lying be it in lies, bitterness, fornication or anger, God is saying rise up and stay focused on Him with your trust.

    b. Those who are sitting – There come moments in our lives when we grow weary of standing still. We shift our focus and confidence from God to ourselves and whatever the world is selling. Like a punch is tweaked a little with alcohol, we tweak our values, our beliefs so we can still enjoy a little of what we gave up. We get to keep our cool friends who are unbelievers and our Christian friends too. We call it having the best of both worlds till we end being seated at the fence.
    Just like Jonathan McReynolds puts it in his song, “No Grey”;

    I’m splitting two; part of me love the world and the other loves You
    So what do I do
    I wanna be saved
    But I got to stay cool, too.

    And truth be told,

    Cause it’s real easy to stay on the fence and still do you
    And it’d be cool if we could love the Lord and still go do our thing
    But see it doesn’t work like that
    You gotta be white or black

    We can’t have both. We need to get back our feet, standing still and our trust in God leading us in all things.

    c. Those standing on shaky legs– We have been standing still. Our focus has been on God. We are firm in Christ and disciplined our trust is on the Lord till… our tables are heavily shaken by life circumstances, by the storms of life.

    Then we begin to tremble and shake. We begin to consider compromising and giving in.

    We are being reminded to stand still. Things may be blurry but may our focus be on Christ. May we not be deceived to lean towards our own understanding.

    Let’s remember as the songwriter wrote;
    We have an anchor that keeps the soul
    Steadfast and sure while the billows roll
    Fastened to the Rock which cannot move
    Grounded firm and deep in the Savior’s love

    So to us who are standing on shaky legs, let’s remember we are fastened to the Rock which is unmovable and grounded firm and deep in the love of Christ.


    Remember when you lost your favourite novel, toy or when your favourite grandma passed away.

    It’s ingrained within us- We hate to lose. We don’t care if whatever we lost was good for us or not, we just didn’t want to lose it.

    Growing up in a place where we all wanted to belong or be accepted, we would rather lose ourselves, our values than lose others.

    In a world where doing the right thing is constantly the minority choice of the day, many of us in some situations and circumstances chose to compromise than lose that friendship or relationship. We chose to compromise than to be seen as odd. And we are still compromising. Why?

    Because we want to be loved, to be accepted than pushed away or scorned at. We are indeed social beings, no doubt about that.

    However, I think it’s time, we learn to stay true to ourselves, to uphold our values and beliefs than compromise for a level of intimacy or belongingness that may be fleeting. It’s okay not to smoke, not to do drugs, not to steal or backstab. It’s okay to do the rare things the world may consider as prudish or Miss Goody Two Shoes. We have compromised so much and still people left when they wanted to.

    Compromising yourself, beliefs and values to still see people go, and call you all sort of names breaks the spirit and soul. You don’t have to compromise to keep people in your life. Learn to allow to let people go even if it hurts. You won’t feel good about doing that but someday you will be proud you chose to be true to who you are.
    As the Good Book says;

    Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good morals (1Corinthians 15:33).

    If ever you have to compromise your values and beliefs to belong, I hope you remember that that company was not worthy of you anyway.

    Be honest and genuine with yourself and others. Let them know if there are things that make you uncomfortable, makes you less of yourself. Make them know if you don’t like a particular tread of conversation, a sensitive topic.

    Don’t tolerate things that will make you lose yourself. It’s okay to let people know you don’t agree or support a particular opinion.
    Let them know what you believe in and stand for. No more pretence. No more fake smiles. No more keeping up a lifestyle which genuinely isn’t you.
    You are important and valuable to yourself as you think of others. Stay true to you.

    And for all those times we have compromised our beliefs, our values and even our intimacy, may we learn to forgive ourselves and open new chapters of growth, love and genuine intimacy.

    Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.😍😍😍😘😘😘



    Day 30/30 of November Challenge.

    We can’t see through,
    It’s a fog with so much mist.
    We are walking almost blinded.
    There’s a crowd in front of us;
    And we are tempted to follow their lead.
    There’s power in numbers, they say.
    But my heart is moving forward,
    On a road it chooses.
    It’s a lonely road
    And I’m scared to tread alone.But I know
    I need to trust my heart.
    I need to believe in my choices
    And I need to learn to stand.
    Even when I’m the only one
    Who sees my million dreams,
    Each night;
    When the brightest colours fill my head.
    I choose follow the cloud;
    It’s get darker.
    And I feel maybe following the crowd was much better.
    But… wait
    The clouds are clearing up.
    The sun is shining.
    And the tunnels are lightening up.
    At last I see the light.
    And they light up each dream
    I have.
    I will
    I can
    And I’m never giving up!

    Wow, we are finally here.

    It’s been a journey.

    And I realised that consistency begins with a mindset.

    Anything is possible if you set your mind to it and put in the effort.

    I wish you the very best in the upcoming festive season.

    NB: Mehn, I had a tough busy day on Day 27 and Day 28. I promise to make it up to us all.




    In honour of my church’s second anniversary.

    Would you rather be?
    A cocoon locked away

    Never to see the day as a butterfly?
    Would you rather butter fly away
    Than a bee never to taste her honey
    I’d rather not
    I’d choose hope
    I’d strengthen my faith
    And I’d never stop loving You, Lord.

    It’s been a journey.
    Through the shadows,
    Through the lights,
    We’ve survived.
    And our scars, we are not hiding.
    It’s our stars, we keep shining.
    We are Heroes,
    And we are not done yet… evolving.

    Wogbe j3k3
    Indeed we have!
    And we are soaring high!
    All this far by grace
    And we hold on to it with so much praise.
    We are standing.
    We are standing out.
    We are outstanding.
    And we, the Heroes Church
    Are flying high with Grace
    And an unending praise in our hearts
    Woy3 sh))n
    Indeed we will!

    There’s a million dreams awaiting us.
    We look unto this day with so much hope.
    Awaiting our more brighter days
    The lights are shining.
    The tunnels are lightening up.
    And our strength is in His joy
    Amazing Grace!
    How sweet the sound.
    How glorious and worthy every experience with thee.
    You’ve been good to me
    You’ve so good to us
    And for the blessing of our Papa
    We are indeed grateful.

    Showers of blessings,mercies and grace.
    Beauty for ashes,
    Glory for our shame.
    It’s all been you.
    From the beginning, our Alpha.
    Till now, it’s all you,
    Our Destiny Changer.
    And in the end, Our Omega
    May our praises never end.
    May our desire for you never dry up.
    It’s not by our power, no!
    It’s not by our might, neither!
    But it’s by Your Spirit and your grace.
    And we are indeed thankful
    To be flying on your wings
    Your Wings of Grace.

    And we don’t care what the world says;
    We are the salt of the world.
    We are the hope of our generation;
    A light ignited by Christ.
    That would never stop shining
    It’s our time.
    And we can’t be hidden
    Creation awaits our manifestation.
    So choose what you will
    Join us as we fly
    Or you choose to watch, standing aside.
    But I promise you.
    Whatever thouest decide.
    You cannot but be inspired!

    Wogbe j3k3 – We have come from afar.

    Woy3 sh))n- We will go far.

    Day 29/30 of November Challenge




    We used to hear each other
    Without words.
    We used to listen to understand.
    We used to mean our sorries and thank yous.

    I was mad,
    But you wanted to be right.
    I was hurt but winning the argument was what you desired
    You are screaming.
    But I can hardly hear a thing!

    You say I’m too emotional
    So you can’t stop being logical
    I want you to leave.
    No, stay
    Now I’m losing my train of thought
    But us want to be together

    So let’s make a truce
    I promise not to trash your views
    I promise to listen to see through your eyes
    And when I’m angry enough to feel like hurting you,
    I’d remember my desolées are numbered.

    And those times,
    We lose understanding in communication,
    Promise us we would not sink to flaw jabbing.

    And when I say,
    I’m sorry.
    I promise to mean it
    To scar a heart and open a wound is not my feet to take.

    No more throwing bouts of “whatevers”.

    I know we might not see eye to eye on stuff all the time
    But let’s be wise
    Let’s be considerate
    Don’t plug my eye
    And I won’t break your heart
    So let’s call it a truce.
    Would you want to talk?
    Cos I would love to listen.

    It’s time we start to listen to others when talking to understand them and not only respond. let’s learn to hear ourselves out.

    Day 26/30 Challenge




    Hey you, it’s been awhile
    Still following the rules
    And hiding the true you?
    Hey you, why do you filter so much?
    Afraid they would say you are too much.

    Hey you,
    Think you are not good enough?
    So you hide away in the cupboards
    And become one with the skeletons?

    Hey you,
    I think it’s time.
    You drop the script and act yourself.
    It’s been a while,
    You breathed and just lived.

    Hey you, time to grow
    The wings you clipped
    And fly high.
    Hey you, time to step back into the sunshine
    And dance in the rain.
    Hey you, so twelve love stories went wrong by
    Please don’t close your heart
    Cos you may miss the heart beat that changes the tale forever.

    Hey you, I think it’s time.
    Flap the wings you hide
    And let the world know
    You are worth being yourself
    And that much.
    Hey you,
    You need to own those scars.
    And tell that story you so much deny.

    Hey you,
    Did I not tell you how much you mean to me?
    How beautiful you are when you just smile.
    Hey you, you are so strong,
    So learn to face the world
    Even when it’s only your voice whispers that comforts you.

    Hey you, I hope you never lose yourself
    Trying to fit in a world that’s afraid to see yourself trying
    Hey you, I hope you know you will make it.
    So don’t stop learning
    Don’t stop fighting,
    And don’t stop trying
    Hey you, good morning
    Read to start the day
    And never stop trying.
    Hey you, nice to meet you
    And I hope we get to meet
    And share our stories!

    Day 25/30 of November Challenge.




    If there’s ever a beautiful thing about the life of a man
    I believe it’s his choice to choose;
    To decide to be great, to decide to mediocre
    To decide to speak, to decide to let silence reign.
    To follow our passion or to let others choose the road you tread.

    Choose to be free,
    Choose to let go sometimes,
    Choose to be beautiful,
    Choose to be kind,
    Choose to invest time in You.
    At the end,
    Stay true to yourself.
    And choose to always do You.
    And be You

    Day 24/30 of November Challenge




    One step at a time

    One step closer

    Pushing beyond the limits

    Letting Passion fire

    But there come a time

    We all need to breath

    Time to pause

    Time to rest

    Even foundations are given a chance to rest

    Before the buildings continue

    You, my darling are doing so well

    And when it’s time rest

    I hope you choose that break

    For it’s worth the while

    It’s okay to have a break

    It’s very okay… to rest from your work.

    We are dealing with so much changes at the present moment, each one of us. I hope we learn to take breaks when our brains and body require it. It’s really okay to take breaks.

    Day 23/30 of November Challenge.