I can’t say how much I’ve missed ya’ll. In all honesty,  I really  have😊😊.

So today,  I’m going to share excerpts of real life experiences when it comes to the issue of L.O.V.E.

Lol, I’m a bit of a helpless romantic.  Just a tiny weeny bit.

Have you  ever loved someone so much that you lost yourself? Hmmm this one……..

Have you ever had to walk away from someone you really loved  yet it felt so liberating?

Have you ever  been  in a situation of not being enough for someone no matter how much you tried?

I’m sure these questions took us down some memory lanes. ‘Cause honestly for me, it did.

I’m no love guru but the “loving you,  loving me” is never an easy road to walk.
So cheers to each one of us for choosing to walk the love road regardless.


I’m in the woods trying to find myself. Then I see you staring at me from behind the tree you are hiding, with intrigue in your eyes. You run away smiling and then I follow suit,  the breeze behind my back,  my floral dress dancing with the wind. I catch up with you and you stare at me like I’m something out of the season,  something out of the blue. You wipe the dirt stain off my cheek, and finally ask, “Who are you?
And then I remember why I was in the woods in the first place; to find myself.

Sometimes love is like the above scenario.  You are trying to know you, to find yourself,  then you meet someone who finds you intriguing, beautiful and  challenging. Gradually,  you stop trying to find yourself…till you realise you yearn for something more,  beyond the butterflies, the sparks, the blush.
You want an adventure alright,  but one with full knowledge or perhaps an evolving knowledge of who you are,  what you want and what you need.
Until you find the right answers and be right with yourself,  even when you fall in your quest for answers,  love won’t drive away your fears, both the hidden and those on the outside.

 And maybe you would let go of the rose

when it pricks you more than enough,

instead of holding on and getting to

the point of breaking the thorns off.

MSometimes,  the glass slippers will grow too small on our feet,  and the tiaras too heavy on our heads.

That’s the way love is;

When it’s time to let go of our little narrow thoughts, 

Would we be ready to?

When it’s time to fight tooth and nails for what we believe in,

Would we adjust and fight?

Or would we return back to our roles as damsels in distress?

All because the tiaras grew way too heavy?

Would we return to the top of our castle?

Waiting for another he to save us.

Would we look for another whose feet

Will fit the glass slipper we have in our hands

To take their place?

OSo what if the fairytales lied?

And I remained a frog after the kiss.

Or the monstrous beast still.

And had no godmother to turn me

Into a princess

Even if it’s till midnight’s strike.

Would you still love me same

Or tell me,

Would I fall short of your love?

Because I didn’t fit your perfect picture

Of who you wanted me to be.

RAnd in the end when it does not work,

I would remember our love story

Of black and white, of grey shades

Of the rainbow,

Of the sunshine and rain.

And someday when the memories come to me

I would remember the laughter and tears,

The truth and white lies

And as human, as I am

I would ponder about the ‘what ifstoo.

But in the end, I would smile,

A thoughtful smile.

That despite how it ended I defied the odds

And I listened to my heart…again.

ESitting under the full moon stargazing ,
Two hands clasped together as one, Fingers intertwined.
Then he whispers,  “I guess it’s time to leave.
She whispers back, “Do we have to?”
Looking deep into her eyes, he answers,
I wish we didn’t have to.
Wish we could stay here all night, watching the stars.
But I’m afraid I got work tomorrow
And you got  school too.”

Sometimes love is doing the opposite of what we feel. It is in fact doing the right thing regardless of our emotions.

Yaayyy!!!! You’ve come to the end of this love trip with me. I hope you liked it.

Before we let the curtains  down, here are a few parting thoughts  I’d love to share with us all;

We’ve been heroes in love,

We’ve been villains in love,

No matter our roles,

I hope we learn to own our stories

I hope we learn to forgive ourselves too

And in the end,  I hope we give ourselves a  chance to evolve;

To grow,

And be better.

I hope we never stop loving too😊😊

Got any love experiences you would like to share or any thoughts about love,  I would love to hear them all. Yes, you, the beautiful individual reading this right now.  You matter so much and so does your experiences 😊😊😊


By Abis Psyche

A young lady with a passion for anything and everything artsy. Painting with words is what I do best. The motive is not to create the perfect picture of emotions, thoughts and feelings. It is to appreciate those imperfect flaws and choices that will always make every story worth telling. My dream is that someday people will learn to tell their stories regardless. Stories heal, and they need to be heard.

15 replies on “EXCERPTS OF MI AMORE”

This was quite the read. Dissecting the various aspects of love and how we are viewed or view ourselves when we find love.
Like in your closing lines, we should not stop loving. Despite the unseen, vigorous and heart risking moments, love is worth another try.
Lovely piece you’ve written 💚

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