Favourite colour: Green
Favourite pair of shoes: sneakers
Favourite hairdo: wearing my crown

It’s a Friday. Everyone loves Friday right? School children. Workers. Just name it. We all love Friday. Why? Because the next day, we can take a break from Work!!!!! Work is good, right. Lol, technically I don’t hate it but remember that “All play and no work makes Abi a dull girl. 😉🤭😉 Sometimes you just want just sleep and have no alarm disturbance. You just want to be in heaven!

Now here’s a story of how my funky Friday went wrong.


I was now leaving home for work. Quite bad. Knowing perfectly well I had to get there by 8:00 am. But just for today, I wanted to wear my crown a little funky. Which means some minutes at the salon. My crown was the only thing delaying the trip to work.

So there goes me; my beautiful crown, sneakers tied. A green tee with a pair of jeans. Girl was feeling so high on pirate pride😉😉.

Walked on majestically with an air of flair.

Lost in my own world as I marched to work.

Now here’s where the tides hit me real bad. Conflict or climax? Honestly, I don’t remember where it fits.

Now back to the story.

The first car I chose to sit in, they told me it was full so I had to get down. Lol I should have known it was a sign.

Then came the second car. I jumped in; on the first row, a second seat behind the driver. The car moved and I checked my watch. If there was no traffic, I could be at work in forty minutes give and take. Now in the middle of the trip, mate decides to take the fares. Still, I wasn’t worried. Had my groove on….till it was my turn to pay my fare. Checked my bag. No cash?

Still wasn’t worried. I have a bad habit of putting cash in my back pocket so I decided to check.

And?? Heck! There was no money in there too. Now I knew this was getting serious and might end up really bad. The mate looked annoyingly at me and went like, “Yes, metw3n two oo.”

I was stuck between laughing and being serious. Still told him I was coming. Now I took my phone to call home in order to get some cash wired to me via mobile money.

The phone had gone magically off. A phone that was fully charged was off!!

Eeeiiii!!! I was afraid. It was going to end in tears😥😥.

Now I had to muster courage and ask the gentleman sitting by me to pay my fare.

Funky Friday was obviously going wrong from all angles.

Between the mate seriously eyeing me up and trying to whisper to the gentleman who had headphones on was a battle.

After knowing my whisper hadn’t reached my helper. I sighed and told the mate of my current plight. Dude didn’t look convinced. Probably he thought I was putting on an act. Frankly, I couldn’t blame him. You couldn’t trust anyone these days. So here I was thinking the mate was being harsh.

Well, I was wrong. The driver was the real deal. He was trying to manage screaming at me and driving as well. I really wanted to hide and deep down, I prayed he would not decide to throw me out of the bus. Just before the driver could blow my head entirely off, the headphone guy asked what was wrong. And with just that, he sorted out my fare. I was immensely grateful. Finally, I reached.

Part One of my destinations was sorted out.

Now To Part Two of my destination.

I still hadn’t got to work. I needed a loading taxi to get there. The taxis? They were there to be picked but my money…was no way to be found.Trying to weigh my options between telling the driver of my plight and getting one of the passengers to sort me out, I looked straight ahead and there she was; My favourite watermelon vendor! Smiling straight at me. Not today Aunty, your girl has no cash”, I mentally sighed.

With a chunk of boldness and a little display of despair, I told her of my current situation. She smiled at me and gave me more than I asked for. I was a little surprised. She didn’t know but she had sorted me out for the set of transport I would need to get home after work.

Well with everything that happened, I forgot all about my funky Friday.

My phone never came on. I reached my mum on a colleague’s phone and asked her to check the salon. Perhaps I left the cash there.

Her findings? I didn’t leave the money at home.

I put two and two together and realized, I had been a victim of a smart pickpocket, Grand Aladdin style.

Whew! So much for a funky Friday😥😥But still, it wasn’t going to end in tears: Funkiness gone wrong or not.

All’s well that ends well😊😊😉

Mate – Also known as the bus conductor. One who collects the fare in a public transport.

Yes, metw3n two oo – Yes, I’m still waiting for you.

Eeeiiii!!!- A display of shock or surprise in the Ghanaian community.


By Abis Psyche

A young lady with a passion for anything and everything artsy. Painting with words is what I do best. The motive is not to create the perfect picture of emotions, thoughts and feelings. It is to appreciate those imperfect flaws and choices that will always make every story worth telling. My dream is that someday people will learn to tell their stories regardless. Stories heal, and they need to be heard.


Hahahaaa…Efiefo) were in full gear…Next time, make sure you bid them goodbye before you leave the house😂😂😂
It was a beautiful narrative…funny and tragic at the same time.Easily relatable…🤗
Enjoyed it👌🙌🏽🥰

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😂😂 herh this thing has happened to me before. Abi in my case dier the driver stopped in the middle of nowhere and told me to get down, ei.

Whichever pickpocket stole your cash it was their our day oo😅😅. This is for sure a day to remember for you

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This happened to me once; and a guy followed me to a momo vendor to withdraw money so he could collect the money he charged for putting my sim in his phone….I definitely made sure to give him a piece of advice😂. But really….
An act of kindness in times of need is the most underrated blessing ever! .
Glad you got through it.

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