Day 5 of the 30days30poems.

I’m right here in your arms
In that bitter sweet embrace
That you would always find me
Always… and forever
Darling, nobody said that it would last forever
That doesn’t mean we didn’t try to get there.
I never said that we would die together.
That doesn’t mean it was a lie, remember.

But all the seconds in my forever was spent with you.
All the smiles and tears, you saw me through.
And the shy kisses and cuddles
I loved it all.
So as you go,
Do remember I was yours to hold
Your masterpiece to behold.
Hold me tight,
Let’s savour the night
For tomorrow, you’d be gone
And I won’t be able to look at you
To say the words I dread.
I’ve never been
And never will
Be good at saying goodbyes.
So hold me tight
Till we cross the night.
And when tomorrow ever comes
Let the memories wage a forever lasting war!



By Abis Psyche

A young lady with a passion for anything and everything artsy. Painting with words is what I do best. The motive is not to create the perfect picture of emotions, thoughts and feelings. It is to appreciate those imperfect flaws and choices that will always make every story worth telling. My dream is that someday people will learn to tell their stories regardless. Stories heal, and they need to be heard.

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