Day 16 of 30days30poems

Today’s inspiration is from a little friend of mine who found a fortune cookie note in her snack and asked that I read it to her.

What she didn’t know was that, I just didn’t read to her, I was inspired too.

And then she said, “I’d never forget these words.”

With a smile on my face, I prayed to the heavens that she never does.

Fortune Cookie Reads:

A beautiful thing is never perfect – Egyptian Proverb

She smiles when she runs around,
Being chased lights up her world. Knowing she will be caught.
She’s happy when her hand is in the dirt
And her face covers in bit of it.
There’s joy in her demeanour
When she shares her heart with her loved ones.
Her happiness is simple
And she finds beauty in the little things;
Like singing out loud the only lyrics she knows.
Dancing in the rain even when she knows mama will scold her,
If she catches a fever.
She’s not perfect
But she’s happy and glowing.
And that in itself,It’s a beautiful thing!

Day 16 of the November Challenge



By Abis Psyche

A young lady with a passion for anything and everything artsy. Painting with words is what I do best. The motive is not to create the perfect picture of emotions, thoughts and feelings. It is to appreciate those imperfect flaws and choices that will always make every story worth telling. My dream is that someday people will learn to tell their stories regardless. Stories heal, and they need to be heard.

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