Lately, my inspiration comes from my little friends.

So today we had a look at my nation’s anthem.

Yep, Ghana’s national anthem.

Learning with them alongside two colleagues of mine, one colleague mentioned something beautiful about the anthem.

And then I realised, though I’d known it in my two decades and something years of existence, I never saw it that way.

She said it was like a prayer to God for our nation.

Quite honestly, I never saw it that way and I must say that every time, I was asked to recite it, it was out of duty and not really from a place of understanding.

But….now time has finally presented me a chance to know the meaning of my nation’s anthem.

And now more than ever I believe in the saying, “Time will tell.”

I do hope time presents you with the same opportunity to come to a point of understanding and value for all the things we overlook especially those of special little meanings.

Tick tock, tick tock

When the seconds move its hands,

So much we wish

We can know in a clock’s timing hours.

But if it did,

Memories won’t be gems.

Appreciations won’t be worth gold.

Slowly slowly, the bird will fly;

Rome was not built in a day

Time doesn’t just clock;

It does with meaning

So whatever be,

Give it time.

True, time doesn’t wait.

But we don’t have to be hasty.

Time changes

And with its changes

Comes meanings.

That are always worth the timing!

So look at today with a smile for tomorrow.

Day 17 of November Challenge



By Abis Psyche

A young lady with a passion for anything and everything artsy. Painting with words is what I do best. The motive is not to create the perfect picture of emotions, thoughts and feelings. It is to appreciate those imperfect flaws and choices that will always make every story worth telling. My dream is that someday people will learn to tell their stories regardless. Stories heal, and they need to be heard.

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