Two Years Ago

People waited to see the clock struck twelve. Cinderella dreaded it but when it marked the onset of a New Year, of birthdays, it was a lovely wait. To some others, the midnight struck of Valentine’s Day was a journey of love reborn or even found.

Somewhere in a renowned college, Eliza couldn’t wait to wish her closest friend a Happy Valentine. For a long while, she had come to realise that she saw Hanson more than a close friend. Each moment they spent together felt priceless to her. Whenever he would smile or giggle, Liza could not imagine being anywhere better.

Liza, what’s funny. You have been smiling for far too long “, Hanson had asked her one evening when they spent time under the summer hut.
Nothing, Hanson”.

If someone had told her, she would be sitting down at her study table writing a Vals message for Hanson, she would have laughed it off.
Happy Valentine’s day, Hanson. Since you came into my life, there’s been so much peace and fewer tears. With your heart so kind and a smile so bright, you’ve captured my heart.”

After placing the card in the gift bag, she had drifted off to sleep.
Finally, it was the morning of Valentine’s day. Lectures would go on as normal. But definitely, some lectures would be missed. The day had always been seen as an informal holiday.
Hanson had met with Eliza as usual and taken the bus to lectures.

Any plans for the day, Hans?”, Eliza had questioned. “Nope. Just watch some movies and fall asleep.” Eliza raised her brows at him.”Dude. That’s all you are going to do. Nothing slightly special like just a small bite of the cake kind of special. Not even a tiny bit.” Hanson chuckled and shook his head. “Well, I was planning to invite you over to watch the movies with me. You have been bugging me for a while now, however…….. since you think it’s not slightly special and by your own words “not a small bite of the cake kind of special”, I think I’d enjoy it all by myself.”

That had earned him a punch in the gut as she exclaimed, “ Are you kidding me, I’m in”, drawing the attention of a few gathered at the bus terminal.

Hanson had just smiled and said, ” When are you never.”
Lectures had been a bit slow and dull. More students had their minds outside the lecture halls than in the lecture halls.
Thoughts of what to wear, where they would be spending the evening, that expensive restaurant or lounge or even what fresh stuff they would discover at the love talks. Lecturers had done them a favour by closing early. “Have fun but stay safe”, had been the closing remarks of more than half the lecturers.

The evening looked lovely. The weather was cool. Couples looked ready to start their evening. Uber drivers were just driving in and out; after all, it was one of the festive moments where their income boosted up. The campus was half empty and the other half was either spending time with friends or just alone.

Eliza had set off to Hanson’s place half-past eight. It was just a walking mile to his hall. Luckily for both of them, he had his place all to himself, hence no one would complain they were disturbing or anything of that sort.
After knocking on his door, he opened her and she had walked in carrying popcorns in one bag and another cute bag in the other hand. Soon they sat on the floor of his room, eating their popcorn as they watched their movie. After the first movie had ended, Hanson stood up and went to his bedroom. He’d come up holding a parcel bag.” I got this for you”, he said to her as he stood with one hand in his pocket and the other holding up the gift. Elated as she was, Eliza stood up and rushed to the table to bring the parcel bag, she had brought along with her. “I got this for you too”.
Having already exchanged the gifts, they each opened the bag. Hanson had gotten her different varieties of chocolates along with a three-set novel by James Patterson that had been released into the market today.

Opening his, he’d found a shirt by His favourite basketball player autographed by James LeBron himself along with a heart-shaped chocolate packet and a pair of red basketball sneakers.
Wow, you got me all this”, he had said more to himself than her. When Hanson lifted his head, Eliza had kissed him. She aimed for the cheek but the sudden movement by him had caused the kiss to land on the lips. With a surprise gape, they had both moved back.

I’m sorry but that wasn’t what I meant you know, I was aiming for the cheek and…………… “

“Don’t worry it’s okay. You don’t have to explain. Twas a mistake. I get it.”

Hanson realised a piece of card had fallen out when he brought out the sneakers. He picked it up and read the words: “Happy Valentine’s day, Hanson. Since you came into my life, there’s been so much peace and fewer tears. With your heart so kind and a smile so bright, you’ve captured my heart.”

After reading the words in the card, he looked up at Eliza.
Captured your heart?”, he said, a bit puzzled. Eliza stood there trying to find the right words to explain what she meant by those words. Hanson was getting irritated as the minutes passed. He’d told her why he refused to acknowledge the day as Valentine’s day. Two years ago, he had lost his dad and sister to a plane crash that had occurred on February 14th. The weather had started very suitable for the plane to take flight yet it had only gotten worse. The plane had crashed due to poor weather and everyone on board had died. From then, he’d preferred to see the day as a Chocolate day rather than a day of love. He had not still recovered from the loss. They were eager to come home for the supposed Valentine’s celebrations. They had never made it home that night.

After telling you why I hate to see this day as a day of love, you still went ahead and wrote this not considering how I felt or would feel. Liza, I lost my dad and sister two years ago on this day. I can’t see this day as a day of love. Couldn’t your profession of love had waited. Why should it bloody be today.”

The situation was escalating and Eliza knew it had been entirely her fault. Without much thought, Liza realised she had to apologise and leave soon.

I’m sorry, Hans. I forgot about how this day brings you pain. Perhaps I should leave now.”

With no words from him, she took it as her cue to leave. Gathering her stuff, she left for the door. Just when she was about to close the door, she called out to him.

Hey, I know you are mad at me right now but all the same, Happy Chocolate’s Day, Hanson.” With that, she closed the door and left. Finally, she had come to understand the saying, “Better safe than sorry.”

And she promised herself it was going to be a lesson kept for a lifetime.

Hello y’all, trust we are all doing pretty well. Hope you enjoy this little story of mine. Don’t forget to still keep safe and mask up.


By Abis Psyche

A young lady with a passion for anything and everything artsy. Painting with words is what I do best. The motive is not to create the perfect picture of emotions, thoughts and feelings. It is to appreciate those imperfect flaws and choices that will always make every story worth telling. My dream is that someday people will learn to tell their stories regardless. Stories heal, and they need to be heard.


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