A birthday tribute to my brother, Dennis Wireko-Ampem Kohl

We were young,

But I was older.

With your stubborn steak,

You challenged my every word.

Sometimes the TV was yours

And the remote controller, mine

Other times, we changed roles.

We fought more than we agreed,

But when we did agree,

It was epic.

I remember those pillow fights.

I was always the first to hit

And soon the last to be crying.

Darn! You always hit real hard.

You were never a softie

And always the strongest of us all.

Maybe your twin kissed you with her strength

Before she left for heaven.

Mama always said

“Two fools could not be right.”

But I was tired, always being the one

To understand and not retaliate.

I thought she loved you more

And made you get away

With a lot of things and mischiefs.

But I wasn’t allowed that privilege.

We’ve had our happy times too.

How you could rescript

Every action movie

To suit your taste.

But Sam and I knew it was far from the truth.

How we couldn’t decide to watch

Between Gummy Bears

And one of John Cena’s famous wrestling matches.

Those water gunfights

That you took too seriously.

All my savings you used to acquire

That electric car.

The only thing I was pleased about

Was my cash

That you used for the gun with the real bullets.

Lol, I never liked seeing you quiet ,

So I always attacked from the back

But you were always a step ahead

And had me tapping out.

The number of devices you destroyed

Because you believe you could fix it back.

Oh My Wreck-It-Ralph.

The number of days we could hold onto

Without talking to each other.

All because you wouldn’t say sorry first.

How I struggled not to laugh at your jokes

But I failed!

You were my brother

And no matter what I could never hate you.

It’s two decades and two now

And I see the gentleman you are becoming.

A man with a heart of gold

A man with diverse strengths,

A genius of IT

And a great man of soccer.

Sometimes I look at you and smile.

I’m glad we didn’t kill each other

Over remotes and pillows.

I’m grateful for what God is doing in your life.

Cheers to a life of greatness!

You will do exceedingly well, brother.

Happy birthday Dennis Kohl

I love you now and forever.

My Wofa Atta.


By Abis Psyche

A young lady with a passion for anything and everything artsy. Painting with words is what I do best. The motive is not to create the perfect picture of emotions, thoughts and feelings. It is to appreciate those imperfect flaws and choices that will always make every story worth telling. My dream is that someday people will learn to tell their stories regardless. Stories heal, and they need to be heard.

17 replies on “WOFA ATTA”

This is touching! Makes me reminisce some of the best part of childhood, definitely not the toys but the bond between big brother/little sister and vice versa. Conflict I guess is a good thing. Fights are necessary if only we come out unscathed and make peace soon afterwards.

Hope he reads this and pulls on the best smile ever! β™₯️.


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